Two bike racks are mounted on the front of most buses.  Signal the driver that you will be loading a bike and please use the inner most position.


Grant County Transportation District Bicycle and Bus Policy


Purpose: GCTD’s Bike and Bus Program lets you bicycle and ride the bus.  Bike racks accommodating two bikes are mounted on the front of most buses.

Prioritization when Racks are Full (or the vehicle does not have a rack): Bikes are allowed on the buses in the wheelchair bays if space allows.  At no time will a bike have priority over a wheelchair for this space. If you are occupying a space that is needed for a wheelchair patron you will be asked to leave the bus.  Also, if all seats are taken and many riders are standees, the driver may require a passenger with a bike on board to use the bike rack if a position has been vacated, or leave the bus to make room for more standees.  While GCTD encourages bike and transit use, space priority must be given to passengers. Bikes are not allowed inside the minivans for transport.

Rules for Bike Rack Use:

  • Bike racks on GCTD buses can accommodate 2 bicycles and are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Only single seat, two-wheeled bikes and recumbents the size of a standard bike can be accommodated.
  • No motorized bikes are allowed (gas or electric).
  • Bikes with child seats or other accessories that block the driver’s vision out the front of the bus are prohibited.
  • Remove any loose items or packs from your bike prior to the arrival of the bus.
  • Bus drivers cannot assist you in loading/unloading your bicycle – it is your responsibility.
  • When you enter the bus with a bike the driver will hand you a bungee to help secure your bike in the wheelchair tie-down area.  This will prevent your bike becoming a projectile in the event of an emergency stop.
  • Bikes cannot be transported in minivans.

Guide to Using Bike Racks:

  • Signal the driver that you will be loading a bike and please use the inner most position.
  • Passengers are responsible for unfolding the bike rack and loading, securing, and removing the bicycle from the bus, and refolding bike rack.

bike installation

Responsibility: GCTD is not responsible for damages incurred or caused by or to bicycles on a rack. Please use at your own risk.