The JD CC Loop Bus is a fare free route that will take you all over John Day and Canyon City.  The Loop runs every 60 minutes, Monday-Friday excluding major holidays.

Passengers should be at the bus stop (or deviation point) five minutes prior to the scheduled stop time

The Loop bus can deviate from the route if a passenger wishing to deviate calls by 3:00 pm the business day before the desired deviation. The area of service for Route Deviation shall be 3/4 of a mile on either side of the fixed route line. In determining origins and destinations eligible for deviation, staff shall incorporate a point-to-point (as opposed to as-the-crow-flies) reckoning using the global position module of the agency’s trip reservation software. Google Maps Open Maps and Mapquest are also acceptable for mobile or in-the-field findings of eligibility.

Stops on the JD CC Loop Bus: (Click on the stop for scheduled arrival times)

West Bound

1 People Mover Bus Station
2 Fairgrounds Main Enterance
3 Fairgrounds West Enterance
4 7th St Complex
5 7th & Bridge
6 NW 4th/Bridge
7 Madden Center
8 Chamber of Commerce
9 Squeeze-In
10 Chester’s West Bound
11 Bowling Alley
12 Department of Human Services
13 Sinclair
14 Polaris/Pioneer Feed
15 Apple Road

East Bound
16 Sinclair
17 Timbers Bistro
18 Bowling Alley
19 Chester’s East Bound
20 Home Health
21 Blue Mountain Hospital
22 Warm Springs Office

South Bound
23 Canyon Creek Apartments
24 Catholic Church & Canyon Blvd
25 3rd & Canyon
26 Library
27 Elkhorn
28 Figaro’s
29 Grant Union (Dirt Lot)
30 Inland Ln & Greyback
31 Humbolt St & Nugget
32 Gardner Ln & Humbolt St
33 Courthouse
34 Bridge St

North Bound
35 Station 62
36 Canyon City Park
37 Mobil Gas Station
38 Nugget & Canyon Blvd
39 Inland & Canyon Blvd
40 Grant Union (Dirt Lot)
41 Snaffle Bit
42 Iron Triangle Across from Elkhorn
43 Canyon Blvd & HGC (Across from Library)
44 Fire Hall
45 Canyon Blvd & Dayton St
46 Len’s Drug

East Bound
47 John Day City Hall
48 CCS/Health Department
49 HWY 26 @ 808 E Main
50 HWY 26 @ Step Forward
51 Turnaround

West Bound
52 Sue Z Q’s
53 Meadowbrook Apartments
54 True Value Hardware & Main St
55 US Bank & Canyon Blvd
56 Bus Station