Any passenger who fails to call and cancel their scheduled ride is considered a no show. The No Show Policy is currently being updated.

If a passenger has a disagreement with any penalty resulting from the enforcement of the policies, a written request for appeal may be submitted to:
Grant County Transportation District
Attn: District Manager
PO Box 126 / 229 NE Dayton St.
John Day, OR 97845
Appeals may be presented in writing or in person.

Refusal of Service
Grant County Transportation District reserves the right to deny entry or to remove any passenger who interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle. In most cases this cessation of services would end with the business day. This refusal of service would be issued by the bus driver in an instance of a violation of the Rules For Riding.
However in circumstances of continued abuse of the Rules For Riding a longer suspension, or formal suspension, period may be issued; said suspension would be for at least 30 days but not exceed 90 days. In the instance of a formal suspension the District Manager will issue a written suspension. This document will include the length of suspension, the reason for suspension, and a written explanation of the appeals process.

Any and all suspension windows are open to a written appeals process submitted to the District Manager in writing. Available at the Bus Station is an appeal request form to be filled out and attached to your letter of appeal. You have 14 calendar days from the day of your formal suspension to file an appeal with the Public Transit Manager, and she/he will investigate the issue and interview witnesses before providing you with a final conclusion in writing (or accessible format upon request).