The PC MV Route bus is a fare free route bus that will take you to & from Prairie City and Mt Vernon.  This route runs three times a day.

Passengers should be at the bus stop (or deviation point) five minutes prior to the scheduled stop time
The PC MV Route bus can deviate from the route if a passenger wishing to deviate calls by 3:00 pm the business day before the desired deviation. The area of service for Route Deviation shall be ½ of a mile on either side of the fixed route line. In determining origins and destinations eligible for deviation, staff shall incorporate a point-to-point (as opposed to as-the-crow-flies) reckoning using the global position module of the agency’s trip reservation software. Google Maps Open Maps and Mapquest are also acceptable for mobile or in-the-field findings of eligibility.

Stops on the PC MV Route Bus (Click on the stop for scheduled arrival times):

East Bound:

1 People Mover Bus Station
2 CCS/Health Department
3 Hwy 26 @ 808 E Main
4 Hwy 26 @ Step Forward
5 Mountain View Mini-Mart
6 Bridge St – Prairie City
7 Prairie City Schools
8 Strawberry Village Apartments
9 Bridge & 9th
10 Depot Park
11 Kircher Corners & Main St
12 Senior Center – Prairie City

West Bound:
13 Mountain View Mini-Mart
14 Sue Z Q’s
15 Meadowbrook Apartments
16 True Value & Main St
17 Chamber of Commerce
18 Squeeze-In
19 Chester’s West Bound
20 Bowling Alley
21 Department of Human Services
22 Sinclair
23 Polaris/Pioneer Feed
24 Apple Road
25 Clyde Holiday State Park
26 Blue Mountain Mini Mart

East Bound:
27 Mt Vernon City Hall
28 Chevron
29 Sinclair
30 Timbers Bistro
31 Bowling Alley
32 Chester’s East Bound
33 People Mover Bus Station